Tad, Student Art Helper

Tad’s heart really does belong in the art studio.  We have a unique set-up for him this year.  He helps out his previous teacher, Teacher E, with her class of much younger students on Monday afternoons.  He helps prep projects and does whatever other handy work she asks him to do.

I often hang around to make sure he stays on task.

After Teacher E’s class is over, Tad hangs around, eats a quick dinner (which I bring in for him), and then his class starts a half hour later, with Teacher M.

This has required an adjustment to our Monday evenings (Tad is now at the art studio from 4:30 to 8 pm), and with the studio having moved to a new location slightly further from home (the old studio was just under 4 miles from home, the new studio is just slightly over 6 miles from home), there’s a little more driving involved.  But Tad is happy, and he’s getting a chance to stretch himself a bit with the volunteer work (something his ABA therapist wanted him to achieve), plus he is now in a class with more kids closer to his own age.

It’s worth the effort.

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