The Septic Tank Is A Metaphor

Today was a great big smelly mess of a day.

It started with all the kids BUT Rerun going back to school (which he was happy about).  But Ane missed the bus (not good), and the Webmaster was concerned that the laundry room toilet wasn’t draining properly.

And then the toilet in the main bathroom wasn’t draining properly.

And as we were trying to figure out what was going on, my eyes were drawn to the bathtub, where raw sewage was coming up through the drain.  OH CRAP.

So the Webmaster made some phone calls and started digging to open up the access points to the septic tank.

However, the tank was neither over-full or malfunctioning.  It turned out there was a blockage in the main pipe from the house to the septic tank.  Once that was cleared, everything drained properly.  We then opted to have the tank pumped anyway because it was open.

Rerun and I then went to run a few errands, which included picking up some Scrubbing Bubbles foaming bleach spray for the bathtub.  I then spent a solid hour bleaching the tub and letting it sit, then scrubbing it clean.  I wore gloves the whole time.  Eww.

However, the Webmaster’s, um, overzealous plunging of the laundry room toilet had resulted in him knocking it off its wax seal, and it was now leaking all over the floor from the base.  Fortunately, with the help of Gichan, he was able to get the toilet up and reseated on a new seal, and now everything is hunky dory again…

… at least until the phone call came in late tonight that SCHOOL IS CLOSED FOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS???

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