Interior Social Distancing

If there is anything I am learning while we are all stuck together, it is that we MUST have some space to ourselves.  The boys are not the best practictioners of that, because they are always convinced that someone else is doing something MORE fun than they are, and that must be investigated.

So, it was a minor miracle yesterday when I had all three boys doing different things AT THE SAME TIME.

Rerun had gotten a puzzle out all on his own.

300 pieces is definitely a challenge for him.  Well, Tad wasn’t remotely interested in doing a puzzle, so I suggested that he finally break open his Star Wars “paint by number” kit and choose one picture.

And that left Thumper.  He had been waltzing around the house wearing my cardigan (it was drizzling a little), so I set him up with the iPad.

And there was peace in the house for a FULL HOUR.

Some days, this quarantine parenting gives you a win, and you blog about it to remember it always.

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