Physical Therapy Hopscotch

The kids started online school again yesterday, and now that we know they won’t be going back to a school building for classes at all for the remainder of this academic year, we now feel the full weight of what that will mean.  All the kids are now having regular check-ins with teachers – if not daily, then every other day – and we are getting an idea of what the homework load will be (you know, everything is now homework, because you’re at home).

And the boys are getting checked on by their specialists as well.  I had a quick meeting with Thumper’s school OT/PT teacher, and she sent along some “assignments” that she wanted him to try.  One of them was hopscotch.

Problem: Thumper had no idea what hopscotch was.  Recess teacher Ane, you’ve just been made the OT/PT teacher as well!  She drew him a hopscotch grid of chalk on the driveway, and began to walk him through it.

Thumper still wasn’t getting the concept of balancing on one foot (clearly, something that needs more practice), or only putting one foot in each box.

So Ane came up with a genius solution.  She traced Thumper’s feet in chalk, and showed him how to jump from footprint to footprint.

And he understood it!

Thumper still needs more practice, but hats off to Ane for creativity and being a great teacher!

2 Responses to “Physical Therapy Hopscotch”

  1. Denise NEed
    April 20th, 2020 21:11

    Wow, I’m impressed with Ane’s ingenuity, too! Well done. Don’t work, D, we would be that smart and creative, too, if we haven’t been worn down by years of parenthood…..

  2. Nana
    April 29th, 2020 06:30

    We are so proud and happy !!