Cross it off my to-do list and my New Year’s resolutions… it’s done!!

Noah's Ark cross-stitch

It only took me a little over 18 months (and I had Tad in that time frame, too), but Head’s baby sampler is done! All that’s left is for me to stitch on his name, birthdate and weight (which I have to chart out on my own, because this particular pattern wasn’t designed to technically be a baby sampler). I figured I’d take a picture now, so all of you could see what I’ve been working on.

It’s nice to be done with it, since Head is nearly three. Ane’s sampler took a lot longer than I’d hoped (it was a more complicated pattern), and I started this one about a week and a half before Tad was born. I didn’t get very far before I had to quit for a while.

But now it’s done (sans the name and stuff), so that means that Tad’s sampler is next! I have one already picked out. First, though, I’ve got to get to work on Ane’s Easter dress. I’d better send out an SOS to Grandma for help!

3 Responses to “Finished!!!”

  1. Little Cousin's Mommy
    March 5th, 2007 10:30

    It’s darling! Friend and Doc will be thrilled to be (finally) getting it. I still have to finish cross-stitching Oddball’s promotion gift before I should start on anything else, but I may have to put that on hold for other things. 😉

  2. Erin
    March 5th, 2007 12:09

    That is precious! You do beautiful work.

  3. Dozeymagz
    March 7th, 2007 08:23

    WOW! That’s really great! You are very talented! Well done!