Training Pants Morning

I don’t know what’s wrong with the kids right now, but we are experiencing some – ahem! – loose poop issues.

Ane, of course, can deal with this herself (with a little extra help in wiping so we avoid what is called in our house “itchy bottom”). Tad, however, gave himself some bad diaper rash last night. It was so bad that it actually blistered him. I didn’t discover it right away, which was what led to the blistering, because he had just HAD a major poo, and who knew that he wasn’t done? He cried when I cleaned him up, which made me feel bad.

So, this morning, after being well “greased” with Aquaphor ointment last night, Tad is wearing cloth training pants. Not so much to let him “air” out, but so I can get him on the potty that much quicker. Since we’re at home this morning, I figured I could take the time to put him on the potty every half hour.

I really do want him to have something happen in the potty, because I want to be able to reward him for a success, and get the association started in his hard head that potty = treats.

I’ve never potty-trained a boy before, so any suggestions that are out there would be mighty helpful.

And no, we haven’t heard back from the speech therapists yet. I was told it could take up to two weeks, and that mark is on Monday. If I don’t hear from them at all on Monday, then I will give them a call on Tuesday. I’m really anxious to get started.

And we are having company for dinner tonight – company that isn’t used to our everyday clutter (like Friend and Doc are), so I’m making a good-faith effort to clean up. The breakfast dishes are already done, so that’s a beginning!

Have a good weekend, everyone!

One Response to “Training Pants Morning”

  1. Alexandria
    March 17th, 2008 08:30

    This too shall pass.
    With my (now 4) little brother, we would put cheerios in the toilet and see if he could *dunk* them. That worked pretty well. Basically, what my mom always says is that most kids don’t LIKE to be wet/poopy, so once they understand the concept of going in the toilet, they’ll try really hard to do so. Slip-ups happen, but positive reinforcement shall prevail! ^^