Tad Speaks – Mommy is smart

When Tad went to bed yesterday, he had three different band-aids on his body in three different spots.

The Webmaster took the kids outside to ride bikes/trikes before dinner to burn off some energy while I cooked. When Tad came in, both of his knees were scraped up. As Grandma so aptly put it, he rides his trike like Fred Flintstone. Yes, he can pedal, but he prefers the foot method right now. Of course, he’s also a klutz, though the Webmaster says that when he falls off the trike, he kind of “falls in slow motion.”

The other band-aid was on his right inner forearm. When I picked him up from preschool yesterday, his teacher said that he had a “rug burn” on his arm and went to the nurse’s office for it. She said it must have happened at home, because it didn’t happen at school. I said that I dressed him that morning and I hadn’t seen it then. We both shrugged our shoulders. We know Tad.

It’s a fairly large abrasion, but not a deep one. It looks like he just took the first layer of skin off in that spot. At naptime, I wanted to get it cleaned off properly (he’d gotten it bandaged up with gauze and tape at school, but he’d already ripped it to shreds by the time I picked him up) with hydrogen peroxide and Neosporin. The peroxide stung, and he began to fuss. I left the Webmaster to clean it and apply the ointment while I went for a band-aid.

Now, Tad calls stickers, tape, and band-aids “sticky” – that’s his word for all three things. He comes to me at my craft desk and says “Sticky?”, then he wants a sticker. He tears a page in a book and says, “Mama, fick it, sticky,” that means get the strapping tape to repair the page. He gets an “owch” and says “McQueen sticky!”, it means he wants a Lightning McQueen band-aid. Which we have, but the scrape on his arm needed a bigger band-aid than the regular old waterproof Cars ones.

He needed a LARGE waterproof band-aid, and why they don’t make LARGE Cars ones, I don’t know. Don’t they know that little boys need them? Anyway, I got the big bandage, then I went to my desk for a sheet of Cars stickers.

By the time I got back, the Webmaster had applied the ointment and was waiting for me. I carefully applied the band-aid, being careful to not get it stuck to me, and then put a Lightning McQueen sticker on the band-aid once I was finished.

Tad was very pleased. “All better,” he announced (he always says that after he gets a band-aid). “McQueen sticky!” he said, delighted that Mommy came through.

I smiled at him. “Yes, Mommy is a freakin’ genius,” I told him.

“Dat’s right,” he affirmed. The Webmaster and I cracked up.

Not only is the boy talking in sentences, he’s pretty good with a comeback nowadays, too.

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