It was pumpkin carving night at church! The Webmaster took Ane, and Tad and I stayed home and nursed our colds. Tad still has a cough, and I’m congested and unable to take most medicines. It’s a whole bundle of fun here.

Anyway, the pumpkins came home looking great:


Ane’s is the kitty one with the crescent moon, which she actually worked on herself. The Webmaster did the “angry robot” for Tad. Ane’s pumpkin also has glitter glue decorating the top. It’s still drying.

I wiped the insides with vinegar and even took Q-Tips to the carved details to wet them down. It helps preserve the pumpkin and prevent mold growth – at least until after Halloween.

Just two more days to go until it’s time to trick-or-treat!

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  1. Ressis
    October 29th, 2009 08:23