Year 9

It was time again (and thankfully, Tad was well enough) for our annual Christmas dinner and gift exchange with Friend and Doc and the boys (and Best Babysitter, too).  This was the ninth year that we’ve done this – and gotten a picture of the kids (see here and here for previous years).

I used the tried-and-true “no one opens presents until we get a good picture” threat on the older kids.  Friend used cookies on the younger ones.

Top row: Head, Ane, the Brain
Bottom row: Tad, Rerun, Rupert, Ringo 

After the frantic snapping of pictures by three different cameras (and Doc or Best Babysitter, if you’ve got a better one than this one, let me know because I want it), the opening of the presents began.

Some kids are so predictable.

Lego sets were also involved.

With only one girl in the crowd, we see very few girly things, but Ane loves it when she does get girly stuff.

But in the end, we all know that the grown-ups walk away with the best stuff.  At least, the boys thought Doc had gotten the best game ever.

Good food, yummy desserts, a present for everyone… it was a successful Christmas party!  Yet another year of watching these crazy kids grow up together.

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